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Searching for stress relief, a sleep aid, pain relief or extra energy? You've come to the right place. Browse HempFusion's high-quality CBD products—including capsules, tinctures, over-the-counter topicals and more, here.

$34.99 - $79.99

CBD, omegas, and terpenes come together to create a powerful blend.

$29.15 - $41.65

Our CBD capsules come in multiple strengths, allowing for precise measurement by the milligram.

$19.99 - $29.99

It doesn’t stop at pain relief, our over-the-counter topicals can provide acne relief, eczema relief and so much more.


Containing natural ingredients that complement the CBD, our sleep capsules help support a restful night’s sleep.


Our DNA-verified CBD works together with Ashwagandha in our stress support capsules.


Infused plant-based omegas come together with ginseng, ginger, and guayusa in our CBD for energy capsules.

Explore a variety of CBD products sold only in our partner stores.

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