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HempFusion products are tested and trusted by some of the world’s best athletes.

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HempFusion products are the first CBD products I’ve found to significantly better my everyday life. The Stress and Sleep capsules have made it much easier for me to relax and recover at the end of the day and I'm so impressed with how much the Acne Relief cream helps my skin!
Molly Mitchell, Professional Climber
Spent years trying, sampling, and learning about the medicinal benefits that hemp has to offer. A little over two years ago I reached out to HempFusion after it became apparent how deep this company has gone to provide the highest quality products that I use daily. Stoked to finally announce my partnership with the HF family!
Travis Rice, Professional Snowboarder
I use HempFusion’s OTC Topicals to soothe any aches and pains I have from surfing in between sessions. Even if you're working from home, sitting at a computer screen all day, and get a crick in your neck, it helps!
Nathan Fluellen, TV Host and Surfer


“After most activities (skiing, climbing, lifting, etc), I always look forward to taking care of my body with HempFusion’s products.”

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