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Jussi Oksanen

Date of Birth
May 9, 1979
Career Start
Olympic Snowboarder and Photographer

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Jussi's HempFusion Bundle
Includes: 30mg CBD Oil Tincture - Mint Chocolate, Sports Pain Relief Balm, and CBD Cream
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30mg CBD Oil Tincture - Mint Chocolate
900 mg - 30mL
Sports Pain Relief Balm
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CBD Cream
60 mg - 2oz

30mg CBD Oil Tincture - Mint Chocolate
Sports Pain Relief Balm
CBD Cream
SAVE 20%
$112.97 $90.38


Jussi Oksanen // Snowboarder and Photographer

You may know Jussi as a professional snowboarder -- it was his life for 18 years. What you might not know is that in his early days representing Finland in the Olympics to his years of X-Games and U.S Opens, he never stopped documenting his journeys through a lens.

In 2008 he co-founded Mizu (, a company committed to reducing single-use products. What started out as a concept to create a product cool enough to get his friends to switch to reusable became a global brand with an extensive product line and a strong identity. Jussi retired from professional sports in 2015 and turned his focus to developing the visual content for Mizu. Since then, he has worked to create a brand identity that reflects the true roots of the company: a life inspired by every-day adventure. Jussi’s since realized he’s found his new "thing"... Helping brands tell their stories through authentic real-life photography.

Sometimes people ask Jussi if he misses snowboarding for a day job. Truthfully? He doesn’t. When he was snowboarding it was always about the adventure, but now he gets to explore, scout locations, and do crazy stuff without having to jump off 30 foot cliffs.

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