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Richie Schley

Date of Birth
August 1, 1969
Career Start
Free Ride Mountain Biker and Freeskier

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Richie's HempFusion Bundle
Includes: Sports Pain Relief Cream, Sports Pain Relief Balm, and Energy Support CBD Capsules
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Sports Pain Relief Cream
Sports Pain Relief Balm
Energy Support CBD Capsules
SAVE 25%
$89.97 $67.48


About Richie Schley

Cycling is a passion that Richie translated into a career.
After a carrier in BMX Racing and being awarded Canadian BMX Champion in 1993, he moved on to the mountain bike and skiing.

As a pioneer of Free-skiing in Canada and with a background in BMX, the next move was too combine the 2 sports, to create Free-ride Mountain biking.
Soon after Richie was inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, for his contributions to the sport.
Richie has been featured in many mountain bike and ski films, magazines cover and features, ad campaigns and all forms of media around the globe.

A new category of mountain biking required new types of; bikes, components, clothing and safety equipment that would withstand the demands of this activity.
Richie has worked with several brands over the past 26 years, developing hard goods, soft goods and finding the necessary safety solutions to improve the rider experience in the sport.

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