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Steph Davis

Date of Birth
November 4, 1972
Career Start
Climber, Base Jumper and Wingsuit Flyer

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Steph's HempFusion Bundle
Includes: 30mg CBD Oil Tincture - Mint Chocolate, Sports Pain Relief Cream, and Sleep Support CBD Capsules
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30mg CBD Oil Tincture - Mint Chocolate
Sports Pain Relief Cream
Sleep Support CBD Capsules
SAVE 20%
$124.97 $99.98


Steph Davis started climbing 30 years ago as a college student in Maryland and ultimately quit law school to climb full time. She has gone on to climb some of the most difficult walls and mountains in the world, including several free ascents of El Capitan in Yosemite. Steph now combines her climbing skills with the ability to fly off mountains in a superhero suit with wings. She has written two books and maintains a blog, and also runs her own climbing clinics twice a year, one specifically for women and the other for all climbers. Steph lives in Moab, Utah with her husband Ian, and her slowly increasing herd of pets who keep showing up starving and deciding to stay.

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