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What Does CBD Oil Look, Feel, And Taste Like

HempFusion Staff June 23, 2021

If you’ve never tried CBD oil before, you may find yourself having questions. Some common ones we hear are:

– What does CBD oil look like?
– What does CBD oil taste like?
– And how does CBD oil make you feel?

If you are one of the many folks asking these perfectly valid questions, this one’s for you. And we’re glad you asked. The truth is that CBD oil has unique look, feel, and taste qualities that can be difficult to identify unless you’re an industry expert.

While everyone’s taste is different, and each has their own interpretation of what the CBD experience is like for them, there are some commonalities that we can outline for you. Let’s take a look at all the different aspects of CBD oil itself.

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

Some people love the taste of CBD oil, while others don’t like it much at all. Such is true for all things edible. As for CBD’s natural flavor, it’s been described as earthy, nutty, and sometimes a little grassy. It’s also possible to find delicious, flavored CBD oil. At HempFusion our liquid CBD tinctures contain a natural minty chocolate flavor that our customers say is subtle and very tasty.

What Gives CBD Oil its Distinct Taste?

The distinctive taste of CBD oil comes from terpenes and flavonoids. Terpenes are compounds found in plants that give them a specific smell and flavor.

So What are Terpenes?

More than 20,000 terpene compounds exist in nature. They play an important role within their environment, and this goes way beyond their aromatic and gustatory properties.

Cannabis contains many commonly studied terpenes for their many health-supporting properties. So the terpenes from the hemp plant not only gives CBD oil its distinctive taste, it interacts with the body to offer so much more. One such terpene to take a look at is Beta Caryophyllene.

Does all CBD Oil Taste the Same?

Not necessarily. Every strain of the hemp plant may smell the same to the inexperienced consumer, but to the practiced nose, each strain has its own distinctive qualities, smells, and even appearance. That’s because every strain has a unique terpene profile, giving it a slightly different scent.

The taste of your CBD won’t likely give off as strong a smell as the raw plant, but that also depends on how the CBD oil is made.

Does All CBD Oil Have a Grassy, Earthy Flavor?

CBD oil does have an earthy flavor, but the degree in which you taste it varies based on what delivery method you choose. For example, a liquid tincture will taste the strongest, but if you choose a capsule containing CBD oil, there shouldn’t be much smell or taste thanks to the barrier that the capsule creates.

Tinctures often come in a variety of flavor options including CBD’s original state, while others have natural flavors and other terpenes added to help disguise the raw plant flavor and smell.

What Does CBD Oil Look Like?

Similar to the smell and taste of CBD oil, the color and thickness varies depending on how it’s manufactured. The appearance of CBD oil also varies based on the different delivery methods.

Tinctures. CBD tinctures are a liquid that is often found in a dark-colored bottle with a dropper that sucks up and measures the liquid. They are usually a golden color but can sometimes be completely clear depending on the extraction process used to create it and whether it is full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD versus CBD isolate. As mentioned above, the flavor of the CBD oil will taste the strongest using a tincture.

Capsules. CBD capsules have hard outer shells and contain the CBD in either liquid or powdered form. CBD is absorbed in the body via ingestion, so swallowing and processing the CBD through the digestive system. Many people who do not enjoy the natural flavor of CBD oil opt for convenient capsule form.

Topicals. CBD topicals will take on the appearance of whatever the base product is. Many topicals use carrier oils or balms like shea butter, coconut butter, and other types of carriers that go smoothly onto the skin.

Gummies. CBD gummies and edibles also take on the appearance of whatever the finished product is supposed to look like, typically a colored chew, candy, or treat. The CBD oil is often infused with other flavors when making gummies.

What Does Cbd Oil Feel Like?

When it comes to questions we receive frequently, ‘what does CBD oil feel like?’ is certainly high on the list.

Everyone is unique, and so is their CBD experience. While CBD won’t “get you high,” it has been said to offer the body feelings of balanced relaxation and, for the more active person, it has been used to support relief from post workout soreness.

There are also targeted CBD oil products that may offer even more support such as our Energy Support CBD, Stress Support CBD, and our Sleep Support CBD Capsules. These formulas pair our whole food hemp extract–rich with Omegas, terpenes, CBD and other cannabinoids–with scientifically verified ingredients such as, Sensoril (Ashwagandha), GABA ( and amino acid for relaxation) and Ginseng and Guayusa (for energy) for to offer even more life in balance.

How To Make CBD Oil Taste Better

If you’re hesitant to take CBD oil because the taste or smell puts you off, your best option may be CBD capsules or softgels. But if you prefer the delivery method of a tincture, some options to help disguise the CBD oil taste are:

– Choose a flavored CBD oil tincture as we previously mentioned. Natural flavors from terpenes like peppermint or chocolate are popular because they effectively dampen the natural grassy flavor of CBD oil.
– Add CBD oil to your morning drink. Check out some of these great coffee drink recipes.
– Add CBD to your favorite foods. That’s right, you can even cook with it! You may still taste it somewhat, but it’ll likely be subtle since it’s mixed in with food.

Creating Your Own CBD Oil Experience

CBD oil is a wonderful option for many people to help support overall balance and wellness. If you aren’t a fan of the taste of CBD oil, there are plenty of products available on the market that are designed to make the experience more enjoyable. CBD has many benefits and is worth the effort to find a way to allow it to complement your life.

If you have any questions about CBD oil, check out our FAQ here.

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