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CBD and Meditation – Enhance Your Meditation

HempFusion Staff July 21, 2021

CBD And Meditation – Calm Your Mind

Life can be chaotic. Thank goodness there are plenty of ways to help deal with stress that ranges from getting enough sleep to exercise to eating the right foods. Another tool that is often talked about and often misunderstood is meditation. Meditation isn’t just for the yogis or the zen masters. Meditation is accessible to everyone who has a heartbeat and a breath. It’s for the athletes, the mothers, the CEOs, and everyone in between.

If you’ve been researching meditation or have been a long time practicer, you’ve likely heard about utilizing CBD and meditation together—two powerhouses that have the potential to calm the mind and relax the body, helping to bring you back to homeostasis.

Let’s learn about how CBD and meditation can calm your mind, along with some strategies on how to step into a CBD meditation.

What Is Meditation?

If you don’t know what meditation is, we’re here to help. Meditation has been around for centuries and is an experience where you intentionally attempt to train your awareness. It’s not about becoming a different or “better” person. It’s not about shutting off your thoughts or feelings. Meditation is the practice, or technique, that allows you to observe your thoughts without judging them. It is a practice that helps you slow down, breathe deeper, and feel calmer.

Meditation usually involves noticing and sometimes directing your thoughts. Yes, it can include stillness, where you focus on your breath, a visualization, or an object like a candle. It can also be a moving meditation where you’re walking and accessing those same headspaces while moving. People meditate to reduce stress, and they also use it to improve memory and concentration.

There are different types of meditation—mindfulness meditation, guided visualization, loving-kindness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, etc.

Let’s try it real quick in this little guided meditation below—try it out, even if it’s only for a minute.

Sit in a comfortable position. This can be in a chair with your feet on the floor or sit directly on the floor or a cushion.

Sit up tall with the top of your head reaching towards the sky.

You can close your eyes or keep your gaze soft.

Now inhale through your nose, noticing where you feel your breath. Is it in your belly, your chest, your shoulders?

Exhale out of your nose.

Inhale a little slower, counting to 4 as you breathe in.

Exhale slowly, counting to 5 as you breathe out.
Breathe in to the count of 4.
Breathe out to the count of 5.
Again, breathe in to the count of 4.
Breath out to the count of 5.

Continue breathing slowly and mindfully until you’re ready to open your eyes and continue your day.

See how simple that is? Of course, there are plenty of ways to add to this experience. All you need to do is begin.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of meditation—science tells us that it does make a difference to our overall health and wellness.

Benefits of Meditation

You may be wondering whether meditation is a spiritual practice.

The truth is, for many it can be, but it doesn’t have to be. Faith practices from Christianity to Buddhism promote meditation. It’s a focus on your breath. It’s a body and mind practice that anyone can do from any walk of life.

Whether for spiritual reasons or overall calm, a lot of research has been done on meditation and how it may benefit the body.

CBD And Meditation

Now let’s talk about CBD oil and meditation. CBD oil has many potential benefits, including:

– Relaxation that may help you better deal with stress
– Relief from soreness related to exercise
– A zen state of mind that may support sleep
– Neuroprotective properties

With perks like relaxation and a zen state of mind, it’s clear to see CBD and meditation can go hand-in-hand. Many people struggle with meditation, and the stress from the struggle alone can prevent one from allowing their minds to fully relax. Adding CBD may be able to offer support.

With both CBD oil and meditation, it’s crucial to continuing doing the work – dedication is key. Add CBD oil to your morning or evening ritual, and then meditate for however long serves you.

What Is The Best CBD Oil For Meditation?

What is the best CBD oil based product for meditation, you ask? Naturally we think ours are the way to go!

While our Sleep Support CBD capsules may make you a touch too sleepy for a meditation practice, our Energy Support CBD capsules, tasty CBD gummies, Stress Support CBD capsules or mint-chocolatey CBD Tincture Oils are all great options to consider.

We are mindful during every single step of the process, from the soil we grow our heirloom, DNA-verified, organically grown hemp in, to the good manufacturing practices we use to bring you a premium broad-spectrum CBD oil to the third-party ISO-certified lab testing that ensures you’re getting the highest quality, most consistent, and compliant oil available.

We’ve done the work of creating one of the best CBD oils on the market so you can take the stress out of your life without stressing about the quality of your CBD. Give CBD and meditation a try today (and the next day, and the next day). You won’t regret it!

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