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How To Make CBD Oil Taste Better

How to Make CBD Oil Taste Better

HempFusion Staff April 30, 2021

Many people enjoy the distinct nutty taste of CBD oil, but it’s ok if you’re looking to make CBD oil taste a little less like, well,CBD oil. Learn how to improve the taste of CBD oil!

CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant. And as we all know, plants grow in dirt. While a high-quality CBD oil is very unlikely to taste like dirt, most CBD oils have a distinct “earthy” taste that isn’t quite palatable for some. If you’re one of those people looking to improve the flavor of CBD oil, we’ve got some strategies for you.

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

What does CBD oil taste like and how can one mask the taste of CBD oil? Masking CBD oil is simple to do, and it helps determine why you don’t like the flavor. CBD oil flavors are largely dependent on the terpene content of that specific plant strain.

What is the terpene content, aka “terpene profile?” They are the naturally-occurring compounds found in plants that give them a distinctive flavor and aroma profile. Think of the lavender plant, rosemary, or any other aromatic plants that are wonderful to stick your nose in and breathe deeply. These scents are thanks to the terpenes in the plant.

CBD oil is the same. The hemp plant has a distinctive set of terpenes that can be identified through proper testing. While these scents and plant profiles are lovely for some taste buds, they aren’t for everyone, especially in broad-spectrum CBD oils that can’t escape the earthy, musky flavors and scent. You can find CBD oil tinctures that are already flavored which can help mask the naturally earthy flavor of cannabidiol.

Different Ways To Take CBD Oil

If you don’t like the taste of CBD oil, there are plenty of methods of consumption that don’t involve tasting any flavors at all. Some of the different ways you may experience optimal wellness from CBD include:

CBD capsules instead of a tincture. Capsules don’t have any flavor because they’re all contained inside the capsule, so your taste buds are safe from unwanted flavors.

Flavored CBD oil tinctures are a great option. Flavored tinctures have different terpenes like mint or chocolate that can help disguise the flavor.

Topical CBD keeps the flavors out of your mouth entirely. Depending on your needs, topical CBD can offer wellness support without having to take it orally.

4 Ways To Make CBD Oil Taste Better

Let’s look at four easy ways to make CBD oil taste better when consumed orally.

Buy high-quality CBD oil.
Purchasing a high-quality CBD oil is paramount whether you like the taste of CBD oil or not. And with an exceptional quality CBD oil, you’ll notice the difference in flavors, even if they are more “earthy.” You can learn more about what qualifies as a quality CBD oil by reading this article [hyperlink to the HempFusion article].

Add CBD oil tincture to your food or drink
An excellent way to enhance the CBD oil experience is by adding CBD oil tincture to your favorite food or drink. Since it is an oil, it’ll likely separate from the liquid, so swirl it in quickly and then gulp it up! If you’re adding it to a food, you can add the oil once the meal is ready. More robust flavors like garlic might mask the flavor even more.

Take CBD oil with a chaser
Even if you’re past your drinking days, you may have heard of using a chaser to consume something unpleasant. Simply put, a chaser is something tasty that you drink right after drinking something you don’t love. To chase your CBD oil, just grab your favorite beverage, take your oil as directed, then immediately drink your chaser.

Brush your teeth before use
Perhaps the most surprising way to make CBD oil taste better, is to brush your teeth before taking it. Remember those moments when you brushed your teeth, drank some orange juice, and it tasted awful? Don’t worry. This won’t be that. But it’s a great way to help dampen some of the flavors of CBD oil, although it might still be bitter. You can also plug your nose, which actually works! Blocking your sense of smell takes away almost half your ability to taste.

Making CBD oil taste better is as simple as finding ways to mask the flavor, or you can find products that suit your needs. HempFusion CBD Capsules effectively remedy the issue entirely, as they are flavorless, while our CBD Oil Tinctures help mask the flavors of high-quality CBD with mint chocolate terpenes or citrus flavoring. Additionally, you should try our CBD Gummies in delicious cherry or elderberry flavors!

Whatever you choose to make your CBD oil taste better, know that it’s worth the effort to add CBD into your wellness routine!

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