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Best Time of Day to Take CBD Oil

HempFusion Staff December 7, 2021

When people are new to taking CBD, they often ask, “What is the best time of day to take CBD oil?” In this article, we’ll talk about how to decide when the best time to take CBD is for you. Some people take CBD capsules for energy, focus, CBD for stress relief, and even, at times, coupled with other functional ingredients to support a little extra relaxation and shuteye.

Whatever your reason is for trying out CBD oil, our biggest piece of advice is to stick with it consistently for at least 30 days and follow the provided directions or the advice of your healthcare provider. You may even want to explore different types of CBD and associated recommended serving sizes. As for the best time to take CBD–this will largely depend on the type of CBD you choose and why taking it.

How To Decide When It’s The Best Time To Take CBD Oil

Below you’ll find three questions that will help you decide when the best time of day to take CBD oil is. Everyone’s body responds differently to the powerful effects of CBD oil, so it’s up to you to find what flow works best for your needs and your daily routine. Take note of your answers and use them as a launching point to determine what kind of CBD you want to take, the serving size, and the best time to take CBD for you.

What’s the Best Time of Day to Take CBD?

Well, That Depends on Your Reason for Taking It

Your reason for seeking CBD capsule benefits will impact when the best time of day to take CBD oil is. If you’re taking our CBD capsules for sleep, for example, taking them in the morning won’t make sense. If you’re using CBD oil for post-workout sore muscles, on the other hand, it may be more on an as-needed basis.

Additionally, it’s important to consider that many targeted CBD formulas have other ingredients to support your needs.

When you’re experimenting with the best time to take CBD, consider why you’re taking it. Some of the reasons people take CBD are:
– Relaxation
– Muscle recovery after exercise
– Endocannabinoid system balance and overall wellness
– A calm mind and relaxation

What form of CBD do you prefer?

CBD oil comes in many forms. You can take capsules, tinctures, gummies, and even apply moisturizing, nutrient-rich topicals to the skin. The delivery method you choose–and associated serving sizes of CBD and other ingredients in it– might also influence the best time to use CBD.

For example, when it comes to the best time of day to take CBD oil, it largely depends on the serving size you choose and whether you might feel more relaxed than would be comfortable to be alert and ready to crush some work goals. The truth is, everyone experiences CBD differently.

As for when to take CBD oil in capsule form, such with our CBD Capsules or one of our CBD Support Capsules, the best time to take CBD is ultimately when you feel your best taking it and what you’re out to achieve. As we mentioned, considering additional functional ingredients is important, too. You wouldn’t want to take our sleep formula, which includes GABA, ahead of an important meeting. And naturally you wouldn’t want to take our CBD capsules for Energy Support Capsules ahead of bedtime.

Consistency Is Key

If you were learning a new language, you can’t expect to see results doing an hour once a week. Working out 10 minutes a day will be more productive than one day of 2 or 3 hours of activity if you’re getting in shape. The key to progress with any habit is actually making it a habit. The same is true for taking CBD oil. The best time to take CBD is simply every day, at the time that works best for you! You can make this habit easier by placing your CBD oil capsules near your regular daily vitamins or perhaps next to your morning coffee.

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