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CBD Capsules: Benefits and Uses for Wellbeing

HempFusion Staff June 25, 2021

You may be familiar with terms CBD oils and CBD pills, as the hemp-derived botanical CBD has been a rather hot topic as of late. Maybe you’ve heard about people taking formulas with CBD and other ingredients to support better sleep, or maybe you’ve read all the online chatter about how formulas with CBD can help support a calming vibe. Whatever the case, there’s no denying that CBD capsule uses have been of high interest.

If you’ve heard similar ravings from friends and family, and have been curious about ways to include CBD products in your daily regimen, then this post is for you. (Especially if you’re on the fence about CBD oils and want to explore CBD capsules benefits.)

Taking CBD: Oils, Capsules, Pills, and More

From baked goods to tinctures, CBD delivery is getting creative. There are now several alternative ways to consume daily, nutritional CBD. One of these tried-and-true methods that will always be a go-to for many is taking this incredible hemp cannabinoid via CBD capsule. And here’s why many people opt for a capsule over other options: Just as with taking CBD oil, it has been suggested that CBD capsules’ benefits may include supporting your endocannabinoid system and overall feelings of balance. However with a capsule, you’re getting the exact serving size indicated on the label.

What Are CBD Capsules?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, a naturally occurring compound in the hemp plant. Simply put, CBD capsules or softgels are a capsule with ingredients that are infused with cannabidiol.

The capsule makes its way to the digestive system where the cannabidiol is dispersed and absorbed into the body. This way of delivering cannabinoids like CBD to the body is simple, and it is just as effective as taking CBD oil.

This easy-to-use for taking CBD is very palatable for many users, and lends itself to continued use since it’s just so easy! Often, the serving sizes are measured so that the amount taken in a single serving size is certain and precise.

But What Are CBD Pills Benefits Over Oil?

Frankly, almost everything about the capsule is easier than the use of a standard CBD oil. Here are a few reasons to consider a capsule form of CBD over that of an oil:

CBD capsules are discrete. Using CBD in capsule form is as easy and convenient. In comparison to CBD oils, it’s highly unlikely that someone would look at you side-eyed while taking a capsule, whereas the onlook of strangers while dosing with oil in public is likely.

Precise amounts. CBD capsules benefits go beyond discretion, offering a precise amount of CBD per serving size, as well. This way, there’s no guessing whether you measured correctly (as some tend to do with oils).

Worried about spills? Not with capsules! CBD oil, like anything in its liquid states, runs the risk of being messy. Should the cap pop off the container of oil you’re carrying, you’re in for a long bout of cleaning. If the same thing were to happen with your capsules, then you’ve just got to gather some capsules!

They lack a strong flavor. Other forms of CBD can often have a strong taste that isn’t for everyone. With the capsules, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll experience any sort of flavor as they’re designed to be taken like any other pill.

These pros to CBD capsules make them an invaluable choice when it comes to your own personal comfort. They tend to be easier to take (and more discreet) on the go, and if something were to happen, then it’s not a huge pain to clean. Capsules are a great option when taking CBD supplements!

But let’s get back to all the hype in the first place. Sure, everyone is talking about the game-changing perks of CBD, but why?

Three Most Popular CBD Capsules Benefits That Have People Talking

CBD is becoming more widely used for a whole host of reasons, but we’ve gathered a few here for your consideration.

1. Dealing with Occasional Stress

It has been suggested that daily CBD use may be able to support feelings of zen and balance. And since it isn’t a psychoactive ingredient like THC, you get the benefit of feeling calm without the high and possible impairment that comes with THC.

2. Relaxation

In addition to dealing with stress, CBD may be able to help relax your mind and body, relieving some of the tensions from even your toughest days. CBD capsules and oils have been shown to help CBD devotees unwind and achieve calm mind and body.

3. Relief from Post Workout Soreness

If you’re the type who likes to push yourself further and further, CBD capsules may be able to support you to relieve the muscle aches and soreness caused by your fitness routine or strenuous activity. This allows people’s bodies to recover from intense workouts faster and with less lingering pain throughout the body because of this strenuous activity.

What to Look For in Quality CBD Capsules

When considering CBD capsules there are a few things to keep in mind which we have outlined here.

Consider the 3 Types of CBD found in Capsules

Currently, there are three different kinds of CBD capsules available on the market, all of which are slightly different from one another.

CBD Isolate capsules
– These are a powder in capsule form that are 99% pure CBD, with no other ingredients or compounds from the hemp plant.
Full-Spectrum CBD capsules or softgels
Full-spectrum capsules are the exact opposite of CBD isolate capsules, as they contain all hemp ingredients or compounds alongside the CBD. These may contain THC at amounts higher than .3%.
Broad-Spectrum CBD capsules or softgels
– Broad-spectrum contains some of the ingredients and compounds found in hemp, but specifically excludes any THC and should be tested to contain less than 0.01% THC.

You can read more about the differences between broad-spectrum CBD, full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate here.

What to Look for On CBD Ingredient Labels

Like choosing any other supplement, you’ll want the most concise ingredient labels available, detailing the specific amounts of any ingredients or compounds and any additives. Keeping track of specifics like this can help you make the best determination when choosing the CBD product that works best for you!

Origin of the Hemp Being Used

The origin of the ingredients in your CBD capsules can play a part in the overall quality of the supplement. When looking for a manufacturer, make sure that they look to tell the full story. This honest method of relating to the customer base and the user of their products is a trustworthy behavior, and they should be proud of what they’re providing to their patrons.

Testing of Both the Starting Materials and Finished CBD Product

Trustworthy CBD supplement brands will be transparent about the ways they have their products tested, and will have the information to back their claims when asked about them. These trials and tests create the transparency that you want when looking for the manufacturer of your supplement.

Customer Satisfaction of the CBD Brand

This is one of the strongest cases that can be made in favor of any company, and CBD supplement providers are no different. When looking for CBD capsules, make sure that the company you’re seeking to purchase your supplement from have positive reviews and relationships with their customers. This can make a world of difference in your experience when finding CBD capsules, or when looking for help when considering them for the first time.

Why We at HempFusion Make Sure We Are a Stellar Example of the All of the Above

Not to toot our own horn, but at HempFusion make a pretty incredible line of CBD capsules. We take our commitment to going above and beyond seriously by holding ourselves accountable and offering the best possible CBD capsules out there–and we think you’ll agree! Our love for hemp and our commitment to next-level standards is how we’ve become one of the most trusted and reputable CBD companies in the world today. A transparent company at its core, HempFusion provides information about all processes in regards to their CBD supplements. Their products have been thoroughly reviewed and tested, with all parts of those processes being documented and explained via their website.

HempFusion’s products are of superior quality with clear and concise ingredient labels so you always know what you’re getting. . Additionally, we provide clear instructions to help the first time CBD user, as well as the seasoned user who may be looking to try a new form of CBD. They’re a standup company who have their clientele in mind, and go through every step of the process to make sure that they’re being served the right way.

The Takeaway

Whether you’re someone who has experience with CBD oils, or you’re looking to try the supplement for the first time, CBD capsules may be an excellent option for a number of reasons.

Here’s a quick recap of CBD capsule benefits:
– Their ease of use lends to several fantastic pros, such as discretion in public, as well as a travel option when you’re worried that oils may be too messy or complicated.
– Their serving size is always clear, making them an easy entry point to the use of CBD supplements for those who are considering CBD for the first time,
And they lack the strong taste that other products can have, like CBD tinctures and oils.

If you’re considering CBD capsules, be sure to check out our awesome line of HempFusion CBD Support capsules with options for sleep support, stress support or energy. We’re positive you’re going to love them and quickly come to see why CBD is the talk of the town.

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