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How to Find Quality CBD Oil | HempFusion

HempFusion Staff April 26, 2021

How To Find Quality CBD Oil

As you may have already noticed, not all CBD oils are created equally. That’s because no two brands are the same. While the CBD industry is still in its infancy, there’s a lot of business practices that slip under the radar that may not be so great for the consumer or the environment. When it comes to nourishing your health and wellness, you want to know how to find quality CBD oil created with the consumer’s wellness in mind versus the bottom line.

The majority of quality CBD brands will have a few things in common, even if they don’t do them exactly the same way. Let’s dive into the world of finding high-quality CBD so you can not only feel good on your wellness journey, but you can also feel great about the kind of companies you’re supporting with your hard-earned money.

Start With The Soil – How CBD Is Grown

Just as not all CBD oils are the same, not all plants are the same either. And it doesn’t just start with the plant. Do you know what kind of soil a brand is planting in? Industrial hemp is highly “absorbent,” a Bioaccumulator that can suck up heavy metals and toxins from poor soil. Understanding a company’s business practices will give you a clearer idea about how they create their CBD, down to the soil they’re growing in until the product reaches the store. At this stage in the game, there’s no reason that every CBD company shouldn’t be using only certified organic growing methods.

If you find a CBD brand that doesn’t grow their industrial hemp organically, you better believe some are. At HempFusion, for example, all of our hemp is grown organically. This means it has been grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides, and in nutrient-rich soil that has been pre-evaluated for known toxins to ensure that it is safe for growing hemp. While the plants will still experience various levels of everyday environmental stress, they’ll adapt, creating heartier and more nutrient-rich plants.

Now that’s the integrity we want in our CBD products!

How Is The CBD Oil Manufactured?

The most common methods of CBD oil extraction for reputable brands are CO2 and ethanol extraction. Each has its own benefits. We’re partial to a solvent-free CO2 extraction method that we use on all of our products. It ensures a high-end product compared to other methods that risk having trace amounts of certain solvents that may affect your body.

When looking for a quality CBD oil, understanding the brand’s manufacturing processes is important. Some questions you can ask yourself when checking out a brand are:
What kind of facilities are they utilizing?
Are they transparent in their practices?
What extraction methods do they use?
What strategies do they implement to keep the plant free from potential contaminants?

What Type Of CBD Oil Is It?

CBD oil comes in various forms. When looking at how to buy quality CBD oil, you might ask yourself if CBD isolate (only the CBD molecule) is just as impactful as full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD. While each has its uses, we believe that a broad-spectrum CBD oil is the best because it does just as it says—it offers you a broad spectrum of different cannabinoids and other compounds that work in tandem to help optimize the level of support provided to your endocannabinoid system. This can, in turn, best support your health and wellness goals.

You may find CBD oils that have had the CBD completely isolated from the rest of the compounds and then re-infused with different terpenes and cannabinoids further down the manufacturing process. While this method works to create a CBD oil, it is pulling the formula further and further away from its natural state. With a broad-spectrum CBD oil, especially one formulated through a careful process as we do here at HempFusion, you can be sure that you’re consuming a CBD oil that was never separated from its sibling compounds and also provides accurate testing and validation.

Does The CBD Brand Provide Test Results?

This is a must. Any quality CBD oil and CBD oil brand will provide test results from an ISO-certified, independent 3rd-party lab. As we discussed earlier, the hemp plant can draw up toxins and heavy metals from the soil. If that’s not an issue, some brands use solvents to create their CBD oil, leaving behind residual solvents that aren’t so great for your body.

When you look at test results, you’re making sure there are no:
Herbicides and pesticides
Heavy metals
Residual solvents

That’s not the only thing you’re looking for with test results. You want to ensure that the CBD oil is compliant with federal regulations and following best practices to bring you a product with a broad cannabinoid profile from the highest quality plants and processes.

Why Transparency Matters

HempFusion looks at CBD from a whole food perspective, pulling out the oils without damaging the natural distribution of important compounds in the plant such as CBD. We fuse (ahem… HempFusion) our CBD together with other wonderful ingredients that work together. Transparency matters because our well-being matters and our right to an informed choice matters. Companies that are transparent have nothing to hide. They are the ones setting the bar for all other companies because consumers will grow to expect accessible information and accurate, independent testing when building trust with a CBD oil brand.

Now you don’t have to worry about how to find the best quality CBD oil. With this handy guide and a quality CBD oil brand behind it, you can trust that you’re in good hands—because we provide the testing and certifications to prove it.

HempFusion Staff HempFusion consists of a team of passionate individuals working together for a common goal — to create the best CBD products on the market and to educate consumers like yourself about the different aspects of this unique cannabinoid found in hemp. We’re committed to providing accurate, compliant, educational, and engaging content so you can make informed choices about your life.