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CBD Gift Guide: Spread Joy (and Much-Needed Chill) This Holiday Season

HempFusion Staff November 4, 2021

Tis the season! That can mean fun, family, friends, gatherings, and fond new memories. But it can also mean more stress. Let’s face it, big expectations and outsized “to do” lists make for a lot of pressure. Well, take heart (and a deep breath) because we have great CBD suggestions that will bring some much-deserved chill to those you love (including yourself) and help you tackle that holiday gift list.

Remember, every HempFusion product features our exclusive panoramic hemp extract. It’s made from premium DNA validated strains using rigorous certified organic farming practices and a proprietary solvent-free CO2 extraction process. The result is an incredibly robust hemp extract with not only the CBD you want, but many other important cannabinoids as well to support health, wellness, and balance for both body and mind. That’s a great gift to give during the hectic holidays…or any time of year!

CBD Gifts: These Customer Favorites Are Sure to Please

Not sure which CBD products to choose for gift giving? Let other CBD fans inform. These HempFusion products are faves for a reason.

CBD Capsules

HempFusion CBD oil capsules make it simple for that special someone on your list to get started with CBD or get into a consistent CBD routine. Each easy-to-swallow CBD oil capsule is calibrated with a precise serving amount. And if stress relief, sleep, or energy are of particular interest to your loved one, wrap up our functional CBD capsule formulas for the perfect gift.

CBD Tinctures

For the friend who likes to tailor things just to their liking, CBD tinctures make a thoughtful gift. These CBD oils are delivered by dropper, so it’s simple to adjust serving size and add to recipes and beverages. They’re available in a variety of CBD concentrations—from 10 mg to 50 mg—and come in natural-unflavored as well as citrus and mint-chocolate flavors.

CBD Gummies

Our CBD gummies are a tasty way for your peeps to enjoy CBD and make for fun, playful CBD gifts. HempFusion Gummies come in two yummy flavors and will satisfy even those with a picky palate. Each delivers 10 mg of CBD with every gummy. The Summer Cherry flavor brings a sweet-tart burst and the Elderberry flavor includes 100 mg of immune-boosting Organic Elderberry Immune Complex—a welcome bonus for dealing with seasonal challenges.

Sports Pain Relief Cream

Looking for a gift that soothes as well as says “I care”? Our popular Sports Pain Relief Cream hits that sweet spot. It features the active ingredient Menthol 1.75% for temporary relief from minor aches, pains and sore muscles associated with strenuous activity. So, if holiday plans include some rigorous fun, this could be just the right under-the-tree CBD gift or stocking stuffer.

CBD Anti-Aging Cream

Does skin nourishing and pampering fit your gift wish list? Then check out our CBD Anti-Aging Cream. It’s is antioxidant-rich and includes powerful enzymes from French melon extract that help minimize the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles due to aging. Skin will be supported thanks to the antioxidants and hydrated thanks to the moisturizing properties of our panoramic hemp extract. Gentle enough for daily use, this Aging Beauty cream might be just what you (and maybe someone you love!) are looking to incorporate into your daily skin routine.

Looking for More Unique and Fun CBD Gifts?: Bundle Up with Great CBD Gift Sets

Bundling up isn’t just about cozy sweaters and warm blankets to ward off the winter cold. How about some CBD gift bundles for a blissful chill? Consider these personally-curated product trios that are tested and trusted by some of the world’s best athletes. They’re top picks that work well together and when you buy them as a bundle, you save 25%–a real gift-giving win!

Amber Torrealba // World Champion Skimboarder and Film Maker

“HempFusion has been a complement to my lifestyle on so many levels. I love the natural approach to staying energized and the calming relaxation for body and mind.”

Shop Amber’s Favorites

Erich Roepke // Adventure Athlete

“Alpine games mean early morning starts. HempFusion Energy Support Capsules with CBD, guayusa, ginger, and ginseng gets me rolling! Other mornings I love adding the CBD tincture oils to my smoothie in the morning to start the day off right.”

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Elena Hight // Olympic Snowboarder

“Recovery from exercise soreness is a huge part of life as an athlete. I have been on the search for product that help me feel better faster and HempFusion products do just that. They all help keep me at the top of my game.”

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Jeremy Smith // BMX Racer

“I never leave home without my favorite HempFusion products! Energy CBD Capsules for early mornings and Pain Relief Cream after long afternoons. They help me feel refreshed!”

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Looking for More Ways to Send Awesome CBD Gifts? We Have You Covered

HempFusion CBD Gifts can be sent directly to the receiver, or to your house to package up and tie with a bow. Trust us when we say your friends and family will love that you thought of some fun CBD gift ideas. Whether you choose one of our bundled CBD gift sets, or something else from our line of CBD products, here’s to blissful browsing. We hope your loved ones enjoy their CBD gifts!

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