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Does CBD Oil Expire? What is CBD Shelf Life?

HempFusion Staff August 24, 2021

When it comes to CBD oil, you may have some questions about the CBD shelf life. Some of the questions we often receive are:
– Does CBD expire?
– Can you use expired CBD oil?
– Are there ways to extend the life of your CBD oil?

We’re excited to help you understand more about the CBD compound and how time and environment may impact it. Let’s dig in!

Does CBD Oil Expire?

The first big question: Does CBD oil expire? Eventually, yes. It’s a general understanding that the CBD shelf life is approximately two years, but this may not be the case in every situation. Making sure that a product has been formulated correctly is key.

Shelf life is entirely dependent on what other ingredients are included and how the CBD product is stored. Premium CBD oils that utilize a CO2 extraction method or something similar where solvents aren’t used may have a different CBD shelf life than a product with additives or preservatives, for example.

HempFusion uses a proprietary extraction method that is unique to the CBD industry. This method doesn’t use high heat and aims at preserving the plant compounds as close to their original state as possible, but even then–its shelf life may not be extended. So does CBD expire? Yes, it does, even the most premium CBD oil like ours! This is why it’s so important to pay attention to the expiration dates noted on labels. Important note is that we do evaluate stability to confirm that our shelf life is as listed on the label.

Can You Use Expired CBD Oil?

Whether you purchase full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum CBD oil, or CBD isolate,
It’s best to look at CBD labels to see when the expiration date is. And this isn’t even a matter of CBD capsule vs CBD oil—each CBD product, from CBD oil to a CBD gummy, should have an expiration date, also referred to as a “Best By” date, clearly indicated on the label. Importantly, the a “Best By” date refers to the fact that after that date, the CBD strength cannot be confirmed to be the same as on the label. However it does not mean that the oil has spoiled or is bad.

But can you use expired CBD oil? It’s best not to. And this is true even if you’re considering CBD tincture vs. CBD oil. No matter the vehicle, over time, CBD oil may lose its quality, especially if it isn’t stored correctly. If your product has passed its CBD shelf life, it’s possible that the plant compounds found in the oil have started to break down and won’t function at their best.

How long does CBD last before it goes bad?

The average duration for a CBD product or CBD oil is two years. That said, it’s possible to prematurely compromise your CBD product’s quality ahead of the “Best By” date. Things such as leaving the CBD oil in direct sunlight or intense heat, for example, can damage the hemp compounds. How long does CBD last before it goes bad in one of these situations? Pretty quickly. This is why it’s always recommended to store as directed on the label.

Even if you don’t realize your CBD oil is outside of its expiration date, some other clues will tell you it’s not going to cut it. Some of those signs that your CBD has expired include:

– An unpleasant odor and flavor that can range from a little too earthy to a bit skunky.
– Visual changes that include cloudy liquid or discoloration.
– The texture can become thicker and less “smooth” compared to newly purchased CBD oil.

Your best bet is to toss out any CBD product that is beyond its “Best By” date.

How To Make the Most of CBD shelf life

We’ve answered the question: Does CBD expire? Now it’s time to figure out how to make your CBD oil last. Most manufacturers will suggest storing your CBD in a cool, dark place to keep it fresh. This is why you’ll find most CBD tinctures in amber or dark-colored glass bottles—to keep out as much light as possible.

We have a few more strategies for you to help extend the CBD shelf life, and they consist of:

– Keeping your CBD at room temperature, which is usually around 72 degrees.
– Only open the bottle to consume your product, whether it’s CBD capsules, tinctures or gummy.
– Store your CBD in a cool/room temperature place in the house.
– Keep your CBD oil away from windows and direct sunlight. Hot temperatures are not CBD’s friend.
– Along the line of warm places, don’t store your CBD capsules in your purse or on a shelf above the oven.

The Takeaway – Does CBD Expire?

Does CBD oil expire? Most CBD oils will have a “Best By” date and can be referred to as an expiration date of around two years if stored properly. You want to keep your CBD oils, capsules, gummies, and tinctures as close to their original state as possible to ensure CBD oil quality product and experience. Tuck your favorite HempFusion goodies in the back of a cabinet—away from heat sources—or in the back of a drawer to keep it at its optimal efficacy for as long as possible.

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