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Establishing a Daily CBD Routine: How to Do It & Why It’s Important

HempFusion Staff October 28, 2021

Routine. It’s a word that carries mixed meanings. A simple definition calls it a “regular course of commonplace tasks, chores or duties.” Also “habitual, unimaginative, or rote procedure.” Big yawn, right? And not something you’d necessarily want more of in your life.

Yet, plenty of cognitive and behavioral research points to the big benefits of a healthy daily routine. Structure in your day can be a welcome anchor, especially in times of uncertainty. It adds a sense of control, reduces stress, and helps ensure you spend your time on things you feel are important.

Indeed, the regular rhythm of a daily routine—like getting up and going to bed at the same time each morning and night—is critically important to getting quality sleep, feeling balanced during the day, and being the best version of yourself. Maybe we should call it “healthy self care habits” instead of a daily routine.

Another interesting thought? Many of the positives of a daily routine mirror the things people love about their CBD: finding balance, tackling stress, and feeling your best. Quality CBD helps nourish and support your body’s own endocannabinoid system to bring about all of these benefits. So, it makes perfect sense to add CBD to your daily routine.

CBD Consistency is Key

Many people, especially those just starting out with CBD, tend to take their CBD here and there, when things feel stressful and they want to find a more relaxed state of body and mind. CBD may help in these “as needed” situations.
But even better? Taking CBD daily.


It goes back to the innate endocannabinoid system we just mentioned. The endocannabinoid system is a fairly new and hugely exciting discovery in the world of health and science. While your body produces its own form of cannabinoids (called endocannabinoids), plant-derived cannabinoids like CBD (called phytocannabinoids) may also act on the body’s network of receptors to promote balance and harmony.

Researchers have determined that it’s an intricate network of receptors located throughout the entire body that interconnects all human biological systems. It’s also considered a regulatory system because it helps maintain and support balance inside the body.

3 Tips for Establishing a Consistent CBD Routine

So, now you know that routines can be a profoundly positive force in your daily life and that CBD may offer many healthy balancing benefits, especially if used regularly. But, how do you put the two together and establish a consistent CBD routine?

Here are some simple tips, developed by behavioral scientists, for forming a new healthy habit.

Slide Your New Habit into an Existing One

Chances are, you already have some pretty solid habits going in your everyday life. Experts say the morning routine is one of the strongest and often looks like this:

– Rise and shine at a certain time.
– Enjoy a warm cup of Joe or soothing herbal tea with breakfast.
– Take daily vitamins.

Evening routines are also well ingrained, such as:

– Wash your face.
– Brush your teeth.
– Relax in bed with some reading before turning the lights off and going to sleep. (This is why our CBD for Sleep capsules are so popular)

The easiest way to add CBD to either routine, whether you’re taking our CBD for Energy, for Sleep, or even another formula, is to store your CBD with other things you use during that time. For instance, keep your CBD in your kitchen cabinet with your morning vitamins or in your bedside table next to your nighttime reading materials. That way, you won’t have to “remember” to take it. It will just be ready and waiting for you—an easy addition to an existing healthy habit.

Do It Daily

According to lifestyle experts, there is a 21/90 rule that says it takes 21 days to make or break a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle. That means you may want to stick to your CBD routine for at least 21 days to make it a healthy habit and then around the 3-month mark, it will be second nature and truly part of your lifestyle.

Be Ready for Your Steady

One important part of a daily CBD routine is making sure you don’t run out of what you want to take each day. Mark your calendar to reorder your favorite CBD product with enough lead time to ensure you’ll have a new supply when your current supply runs out. Or, with HempFusion, you can make things even easier by joining our free Subscribe & Save program, which brings you automatic monthly deliveries with 25% off each time!

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