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Searching for occasional stress relief, a relaxation / sleep aid, or extra energy? HempFusion offers a variety of CBD oil products for sale to promote overall well-being.

CBD oil tinctures allow you maximum control, CBD capsules are precise and convenient. If you’re wondering “What CBD is right for me?” our targeted products–CBD for sleep, CBD for stress, and CBD for energy–focus in on the health benefits you’ve been looking for.

Our collection of ISO-Certified, CBD products are easy to buy online and come with a 45-Day money-back guarantee.

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CBD Gummies
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Support a relaxed mind and body with the best CBD gummies you'll ever try!

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Three bottles of CBD tinctures in 20, 30, and 50 milligram options by HempFusion
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HempFusion's broad-spectrum CBD tinctures let you tailor your serving and nourish your endocannabinoid system with the amount of CBD that works best for your body. Natural, or with soft, naturally derived flavors, our USDA Certified Organic CBD oil tinctures enable you to harmonize body and mind in a convenient easy-to-enjoy oil.

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CBD Capsules
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Get the targeted support you need. HempFusion features scientifically-studied ingredients for various support in easy-to-take oil capsules–CBD for sleep, CBD for stress, and CBD for energy. For whole body wellness, try our stand-alone CBD capsules. They come in multiple strengths, allowing for precise measurement by the milligram.

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Three CBD topical products, CBD cream, aging cream, and balm by HempFusion
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It doesn’t stop at pain relief, our over-the-counter topicals can provide acne relief, eczema relief and so much more.

Pain Relief
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Our OTC topicals provide temporary pain relief for common muscle and joint aches. Whether you suffer from occasional joint or muscle discomfort, everyday backaches, or soreness after a high-performance workout, our line of OTC products for pain relief are a must try. HempFusion offers a variety of topical pain-relief solutions—each with scientifically-validated, therapeutic amounts of Menthol—so that you can find the right pain-relief topical for your needs.

One 10 milligram bottle of CBD for Sleep by HempFusion
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Containing ingredients that complement the CBD, our sleep capsules help support relaxation that may lead to a restful night’s sleep. HempFusion Sleep Support features 10mg of CBD and 100mg of GABA per capsule.

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One 10 milligram bottle of CBD for Stress and Anxiety by HempFusion
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HempFusion Stress Support pairs our Whole Food Hemp Complex with powerful herbal ingredients to reduce the effects of occasional stress and uplift mood. Each capsule features 10 mg of CBD and 125 mg of Organic Ashwagandha Extract (Sensoril).

One 30 milligram bottle of CBD for Energy by HempFusion
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Infused plant-based omegas come together with ginseng, ginger, and guayusa in our CBD for energy capsules. Try HempFusion Energy Support for smooth energy throughout your day.


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FAQs About CBD Products

You’re right to be curious about CBD. With so many choices like CBD tinctures vs CBD oils and topical CBD vs oral CBD, it can be difficult to decide where to start. Here are a few FAQs that can help.
The best CBD products may target specific needs, match your price range, and are produced safely with third-party verification. Learn more about HempFusion's commitment to superior CBD farming and extraction practices.

HempFusion’s CBD capsules include targeted benefits. Our tinctures are USDA-certified Organic and offer a variety of potency levels and price points to fit your budget. And all of our CBD products for sale are sourced from DNA-tested hemp, verified as Non-Detectable for THC (tested to be below 0.01% which is considered undetectable).
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. When extracted, CBD oil is a powerful supplement that may support your body in a number of ways. While research is constantly evolving, there’s ample evidence that suggests CBD may help support your endocannabinoid system (ECS).
Most consumers are looking to CBD for sleep support or stress response.

It’s possible that you’ve read about CBD online and seen a whole host of sweeping claims or even healthy skepticism. The truth is, CBD may support whole body health by supporting endocannabinoid system balance. HempFusion offers safe, scientifically-studied ingredients that target a number of mind and body benefits.