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CBD Tinctures

Three bottles of CBD tinctures in 20, 30, and 50 milligram options by HempFusion
300 mg - 30mL
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CBD Oil Tinctures

HempFusion's broad-spectrum CBD tinctures let you customize the strength of CBD your body needs to better support and nourish your endocannabinoid system. CBD oil tinctures enable you to harmonize body and mind in a convenient oil.

Compared to a full-spectrum CBD tincture, HempFusion’s broad-spectrum tinctures deliver all the potential benefits of CBD, without the added risk of potentially higher levels of intoxicating THC. If you’re looking for an alternative to safely supplement your optimal wellness, HempFusion’s unique line of pure CBD tinctures gives you just that.

Safely supplementing with CBD is all about transparency. All HempFusion tinctures are USDA Organic, made from DNA-verified industrial hemp. That means all our hemp is grown without the use of toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides.

Get the support and relief you deserve with CBD products you can trust.

FAQs About CBD Oil Tinctures

If you’re new to CBD or thinking about switching products, it helps to understand your options. Perhaps you’d like to weight the benefits of CBD Tinctures vs CBD Capsules. Or, maybe you’re wondering What CBD is Best for Me? Here are a few commonly asked questions around CBD tinctures and their role in achieving your health goals.
HempFusion’s CBD tinctures contain a blend of CBD, flavonoids, and terpenes commonly found in hemp, and other botanicals that together support the endocannabinoid system and potentiate the efficacy of each product.

These powerful ingredients are delivered in a combination of organic MCT and black cumin seed oil. Even these non-featured, carrier oils offer healthy supportive benefits. And of course, with the USDA seal, HempFusion’s tinctures are all certified organic.
Tinctures of CBD are dropper bottles used to administer CBD oil for a host of supportive health benefits.

While CBD tinctures and capsules use different delivery methods to enter our system, they both use CBD as the featured ingredient. Products vary in type, from isolates, to broad-spectrum, to full-spectrum CBD tinctures. HempFusion features broad-spectrum CBD that is free of any detectable amount of THC (tested to be <0.01% a commonly used testing level that is below which is considered undetectable).
CBD oil tinctures work on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and may support optimal wellness through a variety of supportive health benefits.

The ECS is involved in regulatory efforts of virtually every biological system in the body. Everything from post workout healthy inflammatory response to relaxation and so much more. Pure CBD tinctures help to support balance (homeostasis) in the ECS.
A “tincture” simply refers to the delivery method being used for the CBD Oil. CBD oil can also be taken via liquid capsules or administered topically.

Tinctures are small, typically glass bottles with droppers attached. The dropper allows for customizing the amount of liquid desired with each use. Many people who are new to supplementing with liquids find that droppers allow them to start with small amounts and work their way up.
CBD tinctures may support optimal wellness and whole body health.

Many products, such as our CBD capsules, have additional ingredients that are meant to enhance CBD’s potential health benefits. Ingredients like organic ashwagandha, ginseng, and GABA all play a role in our various formulas – CBD for Stress, CBD for Energy, and CBD for Sleep.
USDA Organic Tinctures
USDA Organic Tinctures 1
US Hemp Authority Certified
US Hemp Authority Certified 2
DNA Verified Industrial Hemp
DNA Verified Industrial Hemp

1. USDA Organic only applies to our CBD Tincture line of products. At this time future products are going through the USDA Organic approval process.
2. US Hemp Roundtable Executive Board applies to several members of the HempFusion Leadership Team and not to HempFusion exclusively.