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CBD Oil for Stress: Can CBD Help You Relax?

Feeling the stress?
Wishing you could be the calm, cool and collected version of yourself?
You're not alone!

This sense of needing some downtime (that is actually met with calm and relaxation) is exactly why so many adults check in to see if the rumors they've heard about trying CBD for stress are true.

In fact, CBD oil is quickly gaining a strong and loyal following from those seeking a little more balance in their stressful days. So does CBD oil help with stress relief, and is it the right solution for you?

The truth is that while there are solutions that include CBD, CBD alone may not be the stress-buster many brands are promising.
Some things that you may feel when facing occasional stress:
Tired / worn out
Trouble shutting down at night
You're not thinking clearly
Mad for what seems like no reason
Fear of missing out on something (#FOMO)

How Does CBD Oil Work?

CBD is a cannabinoid compound found in the hemp plant. Unlike THC, a cannabinoid well known for its intoxicating effects, CBD won’t make you feel “high”. It's believed that it interacts with the endocannabinoid system as a whole to support calm and balance.

Certainly, research on CBD is still in its infancy, but it's promising. CBD has been studied for properties related to being a neuroprotectant with antioxidant properties according to a patent issued (found here) illustrating the possible brain health properties.

But does this translate into stress-relieving benefits?

CBD for Stress Relief?

While many brands are promising the world when it comes to CBD for stress relief, the truth is that there's not substantial evidence that CBD alone supports stress relief. It can, however, support a calm mind and body while other studied ingredients--such as ashwagandha, for example--get to work supporting and balancing your occasional stress.

(We know, we know.. Not many CBD brands would be this honest about CBD for stress. But it's important you know!)

If you're interested in trying a CBD for stress support formula, there are several different options on the market, and some are even formulated with studied functional ingredients.

Aside from whether you prefer CBD from broad spectrum CBD, full spectrum extract or CBD isolate (which we'll get into more below), you will find you also have a few different ways to take CBD. And from there, there are a few formulas that include additional, well-studied ingredients that are designed to support stress, specifically.

In the case of HempFusion's CBD for Stress Support formula, we were sure to include Ashwaghandha, an herb and adaptogen with centuries of documented efficacy for occasional stress. Our CBD capsules for stress offer the relaxing benefits of CBD, along with stress supporting ashwagandha in one easy-to-take capsule.

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One of the easiest ways to take CBD is to take it in capsule form. Whether the formula is a CBD for stress capsule or a standard capsule of straight CBD oil, it will include oil extracted from the hemp plant that is encapsulated to be swallowed whole.
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Find CBD Tinctures and Oils for Sale

You can also choose to take CBD in liquid form as an oil or as a CBD tincture. Often you'll find that the term CBD tinctures or CBD oils are broad terms to describe all liquid-based CBD. Tinctures are made using a couple complementary ingredients that pull out many of the chemicals in the hemp plant and may also contain flavors, essential oils, or other chemicals. CBD oil, on the other hand, contains no additional additives. (Learn more about CBD tincture vs oil.) You can take CBD oil or a CBD tincture by using a dropper to release a few drops into your mouth and swallowing.

What Type of CBD Should I Take if Shopping CBD for Stress Support Combination Formulas?

I know a lot of consumers have been turning to CBD for Stress relief, but, as noted, it may not end up being the magic bullet many brands promise it to be.

While CBD does help with relaxation, did you know that adding Ashwagandha may do the trick for helping you deal with occasional stress?

If you’re looking for a more well-rounded product that has the power of the CBD Entourage Effect in addition to tested ingredients known for targeting occasional stress, you might enjoy either a full- or broad-spectrum CBD product with additional ingredients that target stress.

Here is a breakdown of the different kinds of CBD that people might take when looking for combination CBD for stress formula:

Form of CBD Description
 Full-Spectrum CBD Full-spectrum CBD includes the full array of compounds found in the hemp plant like flavonoids, terpenes, or other cannabinoids. It may also contain THC at natural amounts of .03%.
Broad-Spectrum CBD Broad-spectrum CBD also contains an array of compounds found in the hemp plant like flavonoids, terpenes, or other cannabinoids, however is extracted in a way that removes the THC so that it does not test to contain more than .01% THC. This is the form of CBD we use in all of our formulas, including our CBD for Stress Support.
 CBD Isolate  CBD isolate is exactly how it sounds — isolated CBD. CBD isolate doesn’t contain any other compounds found in the hemp plant like flavonoids, terpenes, or other cannabinoids.

How Much CBD is In Your CBD for Stress Support Formula with Ashwagandha?

If you're looking to take just CBD for stress, you may find you need more support. Our CBD for Stress Support capsules offer 10 mg of broad-spectrum CBD per serving size, as well as 125 mg of Ashwagandha, an herb with centuries of use for helping people better deal with occasional stress.

3rd Party Tested
Our products are tested in an ISO-certified, independent, 3rd-party lab to ensure potency and compliance.
Broad Spectrum
Our solvent-free CO2 extraction method yields a diverse and high-quality hemp containing CBD and other minor cannabinoids.
USA Organic CBD Tinctures
We are committed to USDA Certified Organic practices to avoid the use of pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs.
All finished products are tested for cannabinoid and terpene profile, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and residual solvents.

Quality and Testing Matters

Not all CBD is created equally, especially in places where testing and labeling aren’t required. It’s important to buy your CBD from high-quality brands that offer transparent farming and production practices. These are things that we prioritize here at HempFusion. We offer third party lab testing, are radically transparent about our production process, and provide clear labeling on their products with a QR code that can bring you to the batch report for the very product in your hand.

HempFusion Has Your CBD for Stress Relief

CBD may be helpful for maintaining a balanced calm mind and body, but when it comes to tackling occasional stress, most CBD for stress products don’t cut it.

We formulated our CBD for Stress Support capsules to be a tried-and-true product that you can count on.

Those days that it feels like you’re hyper vigilant to everything…
Those days that you’re feeling frustrated at Every. Little. Thing…
Those days when you have too many demands and too little patience…

Those are the days we formulated our CBD Stress Support for! Our CBD for Stress Support capsules are made to offer 10 mg of broad-spectrum CBD per serving, as well as 125 mg of Ashwagandha, an herb with centuries of use for helping people better deal with stress.

Learn more about our CBD Stress Support here.

FAQs About CBD for Stress

Begin by finding a trusted formula that includes CBD + studied ingredient(s) for occasional stress. After that, get the all-clear from your physician before starting CBD. Then, decide how you would like to take it. Would you prefer a tincture, a capsule, a gummy, or some other method? Next, find a trustworthy CBD brand. As we noted above, any good CBD brand will test their products and include clear labeling.
While CBD may help with relaxation, it may not alone tackle occasional stress. This is why we add ashwagandha, an herb that's been used for centuries to combat occasional stress, to our CBD Stress Support here.. Currently, there is no agreed-upon standard for the ideal amount of CBD to take to help with relaxation.

Our CBD for Stress Support capsules are made to offer 10 mg of broad-spectrum CBD per serving, as well as 125 mg of Ashwagandha, an herb with centuries of use for helping people better deal with stress.

As with all supplements, it's best to consult with your trusted physician before starting any new supplement regimen.