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Closer to Nature.

HempFusion delivers more of what Mother Nature put in the plant.

Our panoramic hemp extract is minimally processed, leaving more of the other cannabinoids, cannaflavins and other beneficial compounds found in hemp. That’s important because research indicates that CBD works best in the body when combined with those compounds: it’s called the entourage effect.

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In a typical 20mg CBD hemp extract serving, you’ll get 20mg of CBD, in 32mg total hemp extract. Almost everything else in that dropper is some kind of carrier oil.


With HempFusion, that same 20mg of CBD comes in 200mg total hemp extract. More hemp extract means more of the other compounds found in hemp.
“HempFusion’s extract is CBD the way Mother Nature intended: minimally refined, and surrounded by a rich array of other cannabinoids, cannaflavins and compounds found in the hemp plant.”
Jason Mitchell, N.Dl, Co-Founder & CEO

We treat our hemp gently, and it shows.

Most companies process the heck out of their hemp, because it’s the fastest, easiest way to get the maximum amount of CBD out of the plant. Not us. We use a slower, lower-heat version of CO2 extraction that gives us the same amount of CBD, but with so much more of those other beneficial compounds. The result is what we call Panoramic Hemp Extract. It’s less purified, less processed and less refined than typical CBD hemp extracts – and loaded with more of what Mother Nature put in this amazing plant. Sure, it takes longer, but we think it’s worth it.

We spend an unusual amount of time thinking about things like dirt.
Some people say we’re a little crazy about our hemp, but we prefer to call it passion. And that passion begins long before we process our hemp; it starts on the farm.
Testing & Validation
Before every crop is planted, we thoroughly test the soil to ensure it’s free of a wide range of contaminants including pesticides and herbicides (including glyphosate), heavy metals and fungicides. Even water sources adjacent to our farms are tested, since there’s a chance any contamination in a nearby water source could find its way into our crops.
DNA Verified
We also only use DNA-verified, EU-registered heirloom cultivars of hemp (five of them) that naturally have very low THC. And finally, all of our hemp is grown organically.
Farming Practices
And we work with farmers who are just as passionate as we are. In fact, many of their families have been farming hemp for generations.