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HempFusion® Launches Innovative Over-the-Counter (“OTC”) Topical Products Allowing For Targeted Relief

DENVER, June 11, 2020 /CNW/ – HempFusion® (“the Company”), a leading dietary supplements company focused on products that contain Hemp/CBD in the United States with distribution of its family of brands to approximately 4,000 retailers across 47 states, is pleased to announce the launch of its Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) listed Over-the-Counter (“OTC”) Topical Products featuring scientifically documented active ingredients targeting specific consumer needs including menthol, salicylic acid, and colloidal oatmeal, providing relief for pain, acne, eczema and more.

HempFusion is excited to offer consumers access to FDA listed topical solutions, backed by scientifically documented active ingredients formulated in a proprietary cosmetic ingredient base. This includes aloe vera, jojoba oil, shea butter, essential oils and HempFusion’s premium panoramic Broad-Spectrum hemp extract featuring CBD and other naturally occurring cannabinoids as well as terpenes for their skin conditioning and moisturizing benefits, and so much more.

“With the launch of our innovative OTC Topicals line, HempFusion provides consumers with high quality OTC products that are backed by science”, stated Jason Mitchell, N.D., Co-CEO of HempFusion. “By producing and marketing these products in accordance with the FDA’s OTC regulations, we are able to utilize active ingredients that target specific conditions for a variety of consumer needs, which we believe has the ability to substantially increase our customer base”, continued Mitchell.

The Company’s OTC Topical line, now available on, provides consumers with a wide selection of creams and balms, including an ointment and gel, specifically targeting the following:

Pain Relief:

Pain Relief Cream
Pain Relief Balm
Sports Pain Relief Cream
Sports Pain Relief Balm
Pain Relief Gel including moisturizing Arnica Extract
HempFusion Formulas for Skin Conditions:

Eczema Relief Cream
Acne Relief Cream
Wound Ointment Antibiotic First Aid
“We believe these new product offerings will increase our customer base by providing concerned retailers with the ability to stock our OTC Topicals with confidence that these products follow the FDA’s OTC guidelines,” added Ian deQueiroz Co-CEO of HempFusion. “We anticipate this specialized line has the potential to be a significant revenue driver and division of the Company,” continue deQueiroz.


HempFusion is a premium wellness company featuring dietary supplements including hemp-based cannabidiol (“CBD”) with distribution of its family of brands to approximately 4,000 retailers across 47 US states. The Company strives to maintain the highest level of compliance in the industry. HempFusion’s wide variety of 25+ CBD products with a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and other constituents are sourced from quality phytocompounds manufactured under cGMP standards designed to attain efficacy and safety. HempFusion’s primary focus is formulating and marketing premium consumer-specific product lines with various delivery methods, across multiple distribution platforms. The Company’s CBD products are based on a proprietary Whole Food Panoramic Broad-Spectrum Hemp Complex™ and are available through independently owned and national chain health food stores, or by visiting

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