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CBD Gift Set: Workout Pain Relief

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For the person in your life who is always seeking the thrill of the next adventure, this Exercise Pain Relief CBD gift set is just the ticket to win you all the best gift-giver points. (Or maybe you're in need of the bliss found in this CBD gift, yourself!). CBD is studied for its ability to relieve exercise-related soreness, which is why this gift set includes our 25mg CBD Tincture Oil in the NEW refreshing Citrus flavor. And for the days you may need different levels or durations of pain-relieving support, this CBD gift set also includes both our Sports Pain Relief Cream and our Pain Relief Balm.
  • Workout Pain Relief CBD Gift Set includes: 25mg CBD Tincture Oil in Citrus, Sports Pain Relief Cream and the Pain Relief Balm
  • CBD Oil Tincture in Citrus includes 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD per serving / 900 mg CBD per bottle
  • Sports Pain Relief Cream is an OTC formula with active ingredient 1.75% Menthol to help manage pain. It also includes skin-nourishing Omegas with CBD
  • Pain Relief Balm is an OTC formula with active ingredient Menthol 4%, which helps temporarily ease pain. It also includes CBD from skin-soothing Omega oils
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