Why HempFusion®

Why is HempFusion® CBD better than others? Because making the ECS work is about more than CBD. Just as nature made an Orange rather than a Vitamin C tablet, it made the Hemp plant rather than isolated CBD. Evidence of the “Entourage Effect” suggests that CBD + a wider array of cannabinoids works better.

  1. Full spectrum hemp CBD generally works better than CBD isolate assumingly due to the presence of omegas, terpenes, and other supportive nutrients.
  2. However, most CBD brands that call themselves “full spectrum” only contain trace amounts of omegas and terpenes as most are lost in the harsh extraction processes used by others
  3. Scientifically, terpenes like beta-Caryophyllene have been shown to be incredibly important to the ECS, just as cannabinoids like CBD have been. In addition, research reveals that omegas 3,6 are also key in supporting how the ECS operates.
  4. HempFusion is different. HempFusion delivers considerably more Terpenes than other leading brands like .beta-Caryophyllene vs. other leading brands because of our unique Hemp One-Pass Extraction™ process and proprietary approach to infusing other beneficial botanicals to deliver Total ECS Support™. HempFusion®. It All Adds Up™.

More Terpenes

With 1000% more Terpenes than other leading brands and featured in all HempFusion® products, our Whole-Food Hemp Complex™ = Full spectrum CBD + Terpenes + Omegas in order to deliver maximum health impact. HempFusion®. It All Adds Up.™

US Hemp Authority Certified Stamp

Certified for Safety

HempFusion has received certification from the U.S. Hemp Authority™. This is our industry’s initiative to provide high standards, best practices and self-regulation, giving confidence to consumers and law enforcement that hemp products are safe, and legal.

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